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Nutrition Subcommittee examines evidence-based solutions to improve nutrition programs

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Washington, DC, July 15, 2015 | comments

Washington, D.C. - Today, Rep. Jackie Walorski (IN-2), Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Nutrition, held a hearing to discuss the development and utilization of evidence-based solutions to improve nutrition programs. This hearing is a continuation of the committee’s ongoing review, known as the Past, Present, and Future of SNAP. The subcommittee heard from experts who shared how results from quality research can be implemented in meaningful ways to improve recipients’ lives and better target limited taxpayer dollars. 
“With nearly 46 million Americans in the SNAP program, it is critical to explore how we can implement effective research that will improve the lives of recipients and the integrity of the program. Increasing the quality and quantity of research leads to more, and better, evidence-based solutions that help us as lawmakers evaluate what works and what doesn’t. This way, we can target resources towards programs that can have the greatest imp act on improving SNAP for both recipients and taxpayers.” said Chairwoman Walorski.
“The success and effectiveness of SNAP cannot be measured by the quantity of caseloads; it must be measured by the quality of outcomes for individual recipients. We need to make sure the proper tools are in place to monitor important indicators to protect recipients and the integrity of the program,” said Chairman K. Michael Conaway.


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