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Five Ways The President Can Immediately Bolster American Agriculture Production

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Long before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, America's farm families and consumers were struggling with fractured supply chains, skyrocketing input costs, and historic levels of inflation­—crises spurred or exacerbated by the Administration's overly burdensome regulatory agenda. Yet, with the stroke of a pen, President Biden could take immediate action to unleash domestic production and ease the sign...

One Year of President Biden’s War on Agriculture

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War on AG

As we look back on year one of Joe Biden’s America, communities across the country are feeling the pangs of skyrocketing inflation, rising expenses, and dismal supply chain disruptions, largely due to reckless policies and bloated, unchecked spending in Washington. Farm country has been hit particularly hard by the President’s unilateral actions in what can only be described as a war on agricultur...

Better, Faster, Stronger: The Case for 25/3 Mbps

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Throughout my tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives, rural broadband has always been a critical need not only for my district, but nationwide in homes across rural America. The urgency has been amplified over the past year thanks to a generational pandemic which has negatively impacted our children’s physical, mental, and social wellbeing and complicated work-from-home situations as schools ...

Middle Mile Infrastructure Provides New Opportunities for Rural Broadband Deployment

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Rural broadband has become a popular issue in recent years, but to me, the lack of highspeed internet service is personal. I represent a rural district and live in a community where gaining access to quality, highspeed broadband is difficult. This makes everything from teleworking, e-learning, and streaming my kids’ favorite cartoons or Georgia Bulldogs football games challenging. I am hardly alon...

'WHERE WE'RE AT'—#FarmBillFriday: Chairman Mike Conaway

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Ahead of the September 30th farm bill deadline, this week's #FarmBillFriday highlights House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway’s frustration that he and his colleagues will be unable to get a bill done on time and underscores his commitment to completing a farm bill before the end of the year that provides a strong safety net for farmers, ranchers and consumers. DOWNLOAD audio of Chairma...

#FARMBILLFRIDAY: Rep. Mark Walker (NC-6)

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In this week's #FarmBillFriday, Rep. Mark Walker (NC-6) highlights the positive impact the House-passed 2018 Farm Bill will have on SNAP recipients by providing access to education and training to help them find employment and move toward self-sufficiency. "These reforms are supported by 83 percent of Americans. By promoting the dignity of work and using welfare funds to invest in job-training for...

#FARMBILLFRIDAY: Speaker Paul Ryan

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In this week's #FarmBillFriday, Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-1) highlights ways the House-passed 2018 Farm Bill is taking advantage of today's booming economy and helping SNAP recipients get access to skills-based education so they can find a job and improve their futures. "The farm bill is a perfect opportunity to get people off the sidelines, into the work force, into school, into good careers and empl...

#FARMBILLFRIDAY: Rep. Dan Newhouse (WA-4)

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In this week's #FarmBillFriday, Rep. Dan Newhouse (WA-4) underscores the impact the farm bill has on Washington's economy and the livelihood of its communities. "... our agricultural economy depends on a secure, safety net for our nation’s farmers." Rep. Newhouse said [in part]: I represent central Washington state where agriculture and the farm bill play a huge role in our economy and the livelih...

#FARMBILLFRIDAY: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA-1)

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In this week's #FarmBillFriday, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise praises various policies included in the House-passed 2018 Farm Bill and the positive impact they will have on farmers, ranchers and SNAP recipients. "We need to make sure that with a good farm bill that we’ve moved out of the House, that we’re able to continue allowing our farmers to produce so many great products and feed the worl...

#FARMBILLFRIDAY: House GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-5)

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In this week's #FarmBillFriday, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers highlights priorities important to Washington farmers that are included in the House-passed 2018 Farm Bill, including crop insurance, market access program and agricultural research. "We’ve put decision-making back in the hands of our farmers so that they can continue to feed the world and provide food securit...

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